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About Körn Lighting

At Körn Lighting we make Scandinavian-inspired lamps from corn starch. We are on a mission to bring you exceptional design that is also kind to the planet.


Glowdog Lighting lamps with the founder, Felix Fried

Felix Fried, founder of Körn Lighting


We believe the best ideas come from nature, and this is exactly where we begin to draw inspiration for our lamps. Stemming from the seed of an idea, to the stroke of a pen, we form some initial sketches by hand. We then enter an iteration process, which will often incorporate algorithms to help us map out the shapes.

After many rounds of refinements, we occasionally stumble upon works of beauty that intertwine technology, maths, and art. Those are the pieces you see come live on our store. They are the ones, made with love, which we've pre-selected to complement your interior.



We use an array of additive methods to manufacture the shapes for our lamps. Each lamp can take anywhere from eight hours to two days to make, depending on its size. The parts are made layer by layer, slowly building the object up until it is completed.

The light diffusion and surface finish is unlike any other lampshade, the finish is akin to a fine textile, but has the benefit of being solid and washable.

One advantage of using this technology is that we can customise pieces on commercial orders. If you are looking for a set of lamps made-to-order, we may have the ideal solution for you.


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